• Do you ever feel out of step with the world around you because you’re uncomfortable with big chunks of what popular culture says life should be like? It can be hard to be in this position because you don’t want to be one of ‘those’ rigid people who judges everyone else, has a ‘black and white’ view of life and spends most of your time saying ‘thou shall’ and ‘thou shall not’. Yet being a person of faith sometimes does make you a bit of an outsider in the world for one basic reason - you put God ahead of everything else. Including culture. And, sometimes, that means you will find yourself marching to the beat of a different drummer. Which is okay. In fact, it’s more than okay – it’s something to be celebrated. Because the drumbeat you’re marching to is the heartbeat of God.     

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  • "A Sunday Prayer" (Reprise)

    It’s another day.
    So here I am.
    And I want You to know something.
    I love You.
    But I long to love You even more.
    I’m growing in my relationship with You.
    But I want to go deeper.
    I’m sharing Your love with others.
    But I dream of doing it all the time.
    Yes, Lord, hear I am.
    And I’m ready to go all in with You.
    So let Your love go to work in me.
    Get all my doubts, excuses and questions out of the way.
    Be healed, renewed and changed.
    Become more compassionate, generous and joyful.
    And simply share with others what You share with me.
    Yes, here I am Lord.
    And here’s my prayer.
    May my heart reside in Your heart.

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