• “Kick Fear in the Rear”

    There’s a great deal to fear in life: global terrorism, Ebola, the spike in random acts of violence, your children’s safety in school, the reality you’ll probably be diagnosed with some form of cancer in your life and the way so many bedrock institutions – including the church – no longer seem capable of providing leadership in a world filled with far more problems than hope. But just because there’s a lot to fear in life doesn’t mean you have to live in fear. In fact, you can kick fear in the rear. Which is pretty awesome. But beware. It’s only going to happen when you are willing to give up the idea that you can do life on your own and, instead, trust God with every breath you take. Doing this won’t magically turn your life into a fairy tale, because you’ll continue to experience tough – even tragic – realities. But you’ll discover the miracle that occurs when God takes you fear and replaces it with God’s hope. #GodNMe 

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  • “Live Like You Really Believe It”

    Some days you feel like a victim controlled by what happens to you. Other days you feel like the captain of your own destiny able to do it your way. Most likely, however, you spend most days going back and forth between the two. Which is guaranteed to make you crazy. And that’s why it’s so important to understand who you really are - neither victim nor captain, but first and foremost a child of God. So claim this reality. Embrace it.  And live like you really do believe it. Sure, it takes a lot of courage to say, “God, you can do it a whole lot better than I can.” But, in the end, this decision will enable you to live the most exciting, purposeful and joyful life imaginable. And just in case you were wondering, it’s something you can start doing right now. #GodNMe

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  • "A Sunday Prayer"

    Today may seem like just another day.
    But it’s not.
    In fact, no day can ever be ordinary since it’s Your gift.
    So help me to embrace it.
    By loving You more and more.
    In everything I do.
    By praising You more and more.
    In everything I do.
    And by living for You more and more.
    In everything I do.
    Sure it’s a big task.
    Probably doomed to failure if I try it on my own.
    But I don’t.
    Because You are with me - and I am with You.
    Now and for all eternity.
    So, Lord, I’m ready.
    Love me.
    Mold me.
    Fill me to overflowing.
    And help me experience how all things are possible with You.

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  • “Focus on the One Who Gives You Faith”

    You know what you’re ‘supposed’ to feel as a person of faith - that you’re always in touch with God, filled with God’s love and able to cope with anything that happens. But that’s not reality, at least for you. You hurt deeply, fail miserably and question God deeply. Add that up day-after-day and the fact of the matter is you don’t feel very faithful. Which is why it’s important to understand something. And even more importantly, to take it to heart. Faith begins with God’s unconditional love that reaches out to you every second. Faith continues as you choose to let this God be the defining reality of your life. And faith grows as you cling to this reality in spite of all your pain, mistakes and unfaithfulness. So don’t focus on all the things that chip away at faith. Focus on the One who gives you faith. #GodNMe

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There’s a great deal to fear in life: global terrorism, Ebola, the spike in random acts of violence…

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