• You may be excited about today or truly dreading it. Joyful about your life or just limping through with a broken heart. Filled with energy or struggling just to slog you way through. But, ultimately, it’s not about how you feel. It’s about what God is doing. God is filling you with love that just keeps on coming. God is at work transforming you so you can move beyond your hurts, mistakes and mess-ups. God is inviting you to get on board with God’s work of bringing peace, justice and healing. And what does God want in return for all of this? For you to go all in. So go ahead and do it. Go all in today and trust God’s love fully. Go all in today and love God with everything you’ve got. Go all in today and be bold, passionate and daring in joining in God’s work. After all, this is what you were created to do. #GodNMe

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  • “What God Wants You to Hear”

    Whether it’s emails, tweets, texts, Facebook, 24 hour cable news or internet stories – you’re inundated with information every moment you’re awake. There’s so much information you hardly can digest it. But, even more importantly, there’s so much information you often miss what God really wants you to hear. So listen carefully today. Listen when you’re happy - and sad. Listen when you’re busy - and quiet. Listen when you’re filled with faith - and struggling to believe. Listen and you’ll hear how God loves you before you know it. How God loves you just the way you are. How God loves you when you mess up. How God loves you when you don’t return God’s love. How God loves you passionately. How God loves you personally. How God loves you eternally. And when you really hear what God is saying – whether for the first time or for the ten-thousandth time – you’ll see everything in a brand new way. #GodNMe

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  • “The Gift of Sacred Moments”

    Laughing with friends. A leisurely meal with your family. Quiet moments of prayer. A walk in the sunshine. Soul-stirring music. These are special moments. But they’re also often far more - sacred moments that fill you to overflowing with God’s grace, put your life squarely into perspective and help you experience yet again what a true gift life is. And when these moments happen – which they will with great regularity – your life will be enriched, your soul’s thirst will be quenched and your relationship with God will make you feel more alive than you ever imagined possible. So welcome every single gift of a sacred moment that comes into your life. Embrace each one of them with everything you’ve got. Live with the joyful abandon that comes from knowing God’s a part of every moment of your life. And, then, give God all praise, honor and glory. #GodNMe

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  • “God and You”

    There are probably people ready to tell you it’s just not possible. Indeed, you may find yourself thinking the very same thing. But here’s what you need to remember. It doesn’t matter what’s happened, what others say or what you think. Ultimately, facts are facts. And the facts add up to one conclusion – you’ve already got everything you need to deal with today. First, because you’re someone God loves infinitely. Second, because you’re someone God invests in personally. And, third, because you’re someone God calls to use your gifts, graces and experiences boldly. So thank God for the gift of this new day. Give God praise for amazing grace. And get ready to see what God and you can do. Of course, it won’t be that ‘perfect’ day you dream about. But it just may turn out to be the very best day of your life. #GodNMe

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From Bishop Gary Mueller “This Is What You Were Created To Do” You may be excited about today or truly dreading it. Joyful about your life or just limping through with a broken heart. Filled with energy or struggling just to slog you…

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