• “Every Day Is Holy”

    You may not feel holy – you’re an ordinary person. You may never have had a life-defining God experience – you pray, read scripture, worship and try to live your life the best you can every single day. You may never be a great faith leader – you live an ordinary life filled with everyday things day after week after year. But that’s exactly where God comes in – literally – so that you experience God’s presence right in the middle of your everyday life with all of its joys, routines, struggles, disappointments and responsibilities. Suddenly ordinary occasions become sacred moments. Driving your child to school becomes a time for holy conversation. A family dinner becomes a sacred gathering. A tragic death becomes a moment of eternal hope. A crisis becomes an opportunity for new life. Work becomes an occasion to serve others. Which means that every day is holy. Including today. #GodNMe

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  • God never stops loving you, pursuing you or seeking to transform you. But think what this means. God’s heart is breaking. That’s because God can’t love you this much and not hurt deeply and painfully when you turn away from God, hurt others or destroy yourself. That’s because God’s love also brings vulnerability, heartache and grief. They just go together. So what are you going to do about God’s broken heart? You certainly can’t fix it. But you can be aware of it, reach out to God, make yourself utterly vulnerable to God, share every bit of yourself with God, listen to God, ask God to heal you and do everything possible to live the way you know God has created you to live. But perhaps the most loving thing you can do for God is to embrace the haunting lyrics of a powerful song, “break my heart for what breaks Yours”. #GodNMe

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  • “God’s Never Going to Give Up on You“

    God knows every possible thing about you. Which means, of course, that God knows your failures, selfishness, greed, insensitivity and every single time you turn your back on God. Yet God still loves you. Absolutely. Personally. And more than you can ever possibly imagine. It doesn’t matter how many times you ignore it, God keeps loving you. It doesn’t matter how many horrible things you do, God keeps loving you. It doesn’t even matter whether you love God, God keeps loving you. And when God keeps loving you, miraculous things begin to happen in your life. God heals your hurts, uses your pain for good and transforms you so you don’t stay stuck where you are. So remember this truth every time you feel rotten, lonely, depressed, unlovable or hopeless – God’s never going to give up on you! #GodNMe

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  • "A Sunday Prayer"

    Thanksgiving’s almost here.
    It’s easy to overlook it in the rush to Christmas.
    Or give thanks for unimportant things.
    Or utter insincere words.
    But something’s resonating deep within my soul this year.
    So much so, I’ve just got to give thanks.
    Not just any thanks.
    But thanks that get to the heart of the matter.
    Doing this is an expression of who I really am.
    It enables me to love You more fully.
    It changes how I live.
    And when I think about it, Lord. I realize something.
    You use my giving thanks to change me from the inside-out.
    Again and again and again.
    Until I’m left with nothing to do but thank You that I can thank You.
    So, Lord, thank You.
    For life.
    For Your love.
    And for life in You that lasts forever more.

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