• You’ve probably realized that you often want to make it all about yourself when you really need to be far more concerned with others and all about others when you actually need to be a whole lot more concerned with yourself. Talk about confusion! That’s why you can’t wait a minute longer to invite God to start an infusion of unconditional love, forgiveness, healing, second chances, transforming work, vision and joy into all your confusion. So exactly what will happen when there’s a God infusion into all your confusion? You’ll discover you’re able to focus on yourself in the right ways at the right times, focus on others in the right ways at the right times, and focus on God all the time.

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  • “A Sunday Prayer”


    You love me passionately, personally and purposely. And just about the time I can’t imagine how You could possibly love me any more, You prove me wrong. Because You send more.  

    More unconditional love. More forgiving love. More healing love. More transforming love.

    I long for You to surprise me with Your love’s breadth, depth, width and height. I anticipate all the ways Your love will forgive, heal and transform me. And I can’t wait to experience how Your love will enable me to live with so much more.

    More gratitude. More passion. More compassion. More generosity. More humility. More joy. More hope. More of a servant’s heart.

    So here I am.

    Just the way I am.

    And ready.

    Oh so ready.

    Ready for more of You to love me into more of the person You have created me to be.



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